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New Zealand Tax Policy

The Inland Revenue or Inland Revenue Department is the public service department of New Zealand charged with advising the government on tax policy, collecting and disbursing payments for social support programmes, and collecting tax..

1, Your IRD number identifies you for all the tax related events in your life. Your IRD number is unique to you, and you keep the same IRD number for life. 2, You need an IRD number for any tax related obligations you have or entitlements you get. Common examples of when you need an IRD number include: earning income, for example from a job, benefit or investment, opening a bank account, joining KiwiSaver, applying for Working for Families, child support or a student loan, buying, selling or transferring property in New Zealand. 4, It’s a good idea to get an IRD number even if you do not need one yet. 5, You can get an IRD number for your baby when you register their birth. 6, If you do not have an IRD number when you start earning income, you'll pay a higher tax rate of 45%. 7, Keep your IRD number where you can easily find it. You will need it for all tax related events in your life. 8, Use this process to apply for an IRD number if you are a 'new arrival' to New Zealand, as advised by Immigration NZ. 9, Your IRD number identifies your business for all its tax related events. It's unique to your business.

Frequently Asking Question’s

An IRD number is an eight or nine digit number unique to you. You can find your IRD number on your payslip, on letters or statements from the Inland Revenue or on your KiwiSaver statement.

Apply for an IRD number


  • If you're a NZ citizen. You can apply online or complete a paper application
  • If you have a resident visa or a student or work visa. You can apply online or complete a paper application if you have a NZ resident, student or work visa or an Australian passport.
  • If you live outside NZ.

Register for a personal myIR account:

  • Gather your information. To create a myIR account you'll need:
  • Create a myIR web name. Your web name is what will be displayed on your myIR account.
  • Create a myIR user ID. You will need to check the availability of your proposed user ID
  • Choose how you want us to contact you
  • Activate your account
  • Check your email

Register for a personal myIR account:

  • in myIR or My KiwiSaver.
  • on payslips.
  • on letters or statements you've received from us.
  • on your KiwiSaver statement.
  • on income details from your employer.
  • by e-mail us.
If you're working in New Zealand during your visit, you'll need an IRD number. ... You can start work without your IRD number but you'll need to give it to your employer as soon as you receive it from us. Each employer you work for will give you a Tax code declaration (IR330) form to complete.
If you apply online, give all the information required by IRD, and choose to get your IRD number sent to you by email or text message, then it should take two working days to receive your IRD number. If you choose to receive your IRD number through the mail, then it may take up to a further 10 days to reach you.
Income in respect of a decedent (IRD) is income that was owed to a decedent at the time he or she died. Examples of IRD include retirement plan assets, IRA distributions, unpaid interest and dividends, salary, wages, and sales commissions, to name only a few.
Apply online for an IRD number for either yourself or a child in your care when you're a resident. You can also apply online if you're a permanent migrant or visa holder and Customs New Zealand verified your passport when you came into New Zealand.