1. How tax-s.com comes?

We are an international company, and the idea starts from the university dormitory in Spain, while two young foreign students are struggling to get their social security numbers under the pressure of language burial and lack of knowledge of local tax laws. After the summer internships, they face the problem again of how to file their tax returns. But they put their head down to did a search and manage to find out how it works. From there, they start helping many incoming foreign students to register tax number and file for the overpaid tax refund after working in another country. Soon these two start a company from there and aim to support more and more foreigners that in their shoes then.

2. What is our service?

We provide a certain type of service as Tax consulting online. We have two most popular service package offer: Tax Number Service and TAX REFUND AND PREPARATION

3. Why Choose tax-s.com?

Based on the history of the company, for over years we focus on understanding the client's situation when it comes to living and works in a foreign country, we understand how it can be frustrate in most cases, especially while handing with tax issues. We had to go through it as well.so always we try to consider the most benefit for our clients, we will claim the highest overpaid tax for them.and we speak for our clients in the loud voice for their tax right.

4. What is our fees?

Our initial estimation of your tax refund is free – you will always get the first consulting service for free through email or call. either for the calculation of the estimated tax refund amount or registration of your legal tax file number or social security number. Once you send us your documents and signed tax forms, we'll evaluate your refund further and assess what additional services you need such as document retrieval or a temporary social security number. Then we'll let you know how much it will cost to file your tax return for you. For many of our services, we only charge a fee once ( from 25 euros to 85 euros)the refund comes in from the tax office so you don’t need to pay anything upfront. For others, we charge a filing fee in advance of the application being sent to the tax office. Email us for any relevant doubts. All our tax refund service fees are based on a percentage ( 5%)of the refund amount approved, subject to a minimum fee of 50 Euros.

5. When can I make a tax refund or tax number online?

We aim to provide 24/7 Support, so anytime we just need you to provided us the required information,and we will start the process right away. Usually, Tax refund takes a longer time to receive the funds, as the government office does not work every day, but we will always process the application immediately to them. Meanwhile, Tax Number registration or social security registration can be done within 24 hours after the application done successfully. However,24/7 Customer support over 365 days, it is how we make it faster for your application.

6. Is my personal data secured?

We will keep a scanned copy of your tax return and supporting documents as per the legal requirements of the relevant tax office. All personal data is treated as private and confidential in line with our data protection policy. Each file will contain a destruction date signature and will be destroyed according to the legal stipulations of the relevant tax office.

In line with industry practice, all taxback.com incoming and outgoing calls are recorded via an automated telephone recording system. Calls are recorded for information and training purposes and are stored for a limited period of time, after which they are deleted from our system. Access to the recordings is limited to a restricted number of individuals and information recorded is treated as private and confidential.

For this reason that is why we are more data security than the traditional tax companies, because we prefer most applications to be done online, to come true the paperless, also avoid information of the client be missing or lost during the post process.We will do our best to keep the data of the client safe.